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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Trek Website

The trek website is just about up and running, Mike has put loads of work into it (and he's been ill this week - thank you Mike, I do appreciate it!!!).

I have done little more than give him instructions, like 'Get the DDN article put on! - here's the website,' (http://www.drinkanddrugsnews.net/) and other such peremptory instructions... I'm such a charmer sometimes.

Time is so precious - so much to do... as soon as we're happy the site is ready to be veiwed, I'll get the link on - embedded in a post if I don't sort out the sidebar link business.

According to Peter's calculations, I've raised 15% so far. 95% to go (put like that it sounds horrendous! & that's because your sums are rubbish, Haz - it's 85%). You can see why I'm so grateful Peter offered to manage the funds (and arithmetic) part.

OK - enough for now - going to start a post on the first fundraiser.

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