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Monday, March 20, 2006

Dark & Dangerous Cabaret/Sunday Scratchings

No time to write a comprehensive post - suffice to say the Frome Festival of Media Arts was hugely inspirational for Crysse & myself - both separately and together (and virtually together...) I love working with media. A facsimile Crysse was tricky - a techie rehearsal is crucial!

Experiencing the energising effect of positively channelled creativity - the refilling of the well - is intoxicating. Working with other performers, dancers and digital artists at the weekend was very lively and interesting.

Quite marked the contrasts between cutting edge art and just venting of negativity... Lindsay Clarke had a very salient point when he spoke of the responsibility of the writer (& artist, musician - any creative practitiioner!) for ethical representation... We live in an exploitative society(capitalism is by its very nature exploitative, greedy, unsustainable), and some people don't seem to learn that exploitation drains rather than energises... they're so locked into their own tight prism of obsession.

Or maybe they just can't see it - I guess that's one of the beauties of working with a creative partner, it can help you shed the destructive negative compulsions in your themes. Crysse and I worked on our set for 'Kind of Kerouac' tonight - very interesting process; synchronicities abounding... Far longer than we expected to take - but so glad we took the time.

Bed calls as I've got to be up early AGAIN tomorrow (the candle burns at both ends for less than half the time... )

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