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Saturday, October 11, 2008

October slides past in sunshine

I missed a blog post in September... Looking back over previous posts, those with pix always look more interesting, so I've included some on this - however out of date they are, having been taken on our annual camping trip.
We had three sunny days - mostly, it was dull (as the pic of Corfe shows) or raining.

We did have some lovely days - just not enough for me to feel that sense of wellbeing I've come to expect at the end of a camping trip!
I didn't take any photos on the Coleridge trek at the start of September - the weather was changeable then, too (although it did stay largely dry for walking), but the physical challenge meant my concentration was focussed on getting through it... I (re)discovered that training in one activity is non-transferable... running is no preparation for trekking over rough terrain for miles!
Lucy came up for the weekend, and we ran together. I was thrilled to find out that if I slow my pace right down, I can easily run much longer... So I'm back to running, 3 or 4 times a week if I can.
October is always a significant month for me.
21 years ago this month, I was the startled and dazed mother of a newborn... I remember that October as crisp and cold, but sunny - much like that we're having (so far) this year. My 21 year old son is due to be a father in March... So, in the month I gave birth, I discover I will be a grandma.
The novel is now 17000 words in... only another 52 weekends of a similar output to complete a first draft...
My blogging may be minimal these days, but maybe it has to be to allow that novel narrative to progress...

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