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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Donation Site

If I can't manage to get the link to Sue's Blog on my sidebar, I doubt I'll be able to get my donations page on there. So I'm putting it on as a post instead.

The photo is from Jeff Frew's collection, taken on previous treks.

I think I'm getting the hang of at least some of this!

You know my major worry before deciding to go for it? I needed to know if we'd have to carry our own tents... That would have knocked me out of the running... I gave up on the idea of walking the Pennine Way for just that reason (and, em, I couldn't give up smoking at that point. I tried and failed miserably - after a week I was back to my usual intake...)
I'm happy to risk altitude sickness and whatever else might jump up and bite me - just to try to get to the top of the world.
Looked at in some ways, you could say it's self-harm gone slightly underground, I suppose (yes, I have seen Touching the Void, and under those circumstances I'm sure I'd just give up!). Maybe it's seeking altered consciousness in other ways - it works with reiki!

Anyway, if you've enjoyed my blog so far, but haven't already made a donation, please visit my donation site.
www.justgiving.com/wychhaz (originally, the idea of my blog was for sponsors and supporters to keep updated with my progress - now it makes sense to have it work the other way, too!)

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