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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Inclement Weather

This is the third day in a row I haven't walked (enough to count). Yesterday and today I was at the BRI, and it struck me that aside from the air pollution, around that area is actually pretty good for 'Nepal practice' - steep inclines, many of which are pedestrianised (which cuts down traffic fumes at least a bit). It looks interesting territory to explore - old, sort of cobbly streets, obviously an old part of town by the look of the tudor-ish (not that I would know genuine from faux) architecture and the way space is occupied. I wished I'd had more time free (and an umbrella). Particularly yesterday, when I was 'smart' for my meeting with the specialist nurses. Why are smart clothes always so bloody useless when it comes to keeping warm and dry? Who decided that to be smart you must suffer? Or stay indoors? - that's the thing, smart clothes are for being confined inside... Neither wonder I don't like them much.

Today I was in more practical togs, and anyway it's been very mild today, so I was in far less of a hurry to get into the car out of the wind and rain; was able to take in the fabulous view from my free parking spot. Even in the fine drizzle, the cityscape grey-cloudmisted, the panorama somehow reminded me of Barcelona... looking from Parc Guell down to the sea... Funny how you don't notice things for ages - and then they make an impact just when you least expect it.

I think today is the first college day I've had no early commitments, so been able to go to work at lunch-time instead of my usual (it is hardly an early start, but all the same...). Pippa and I had already decided last night to take note of the forecast and walk together on Friday instead of today. Number one son felt grim this morning, so he took the day off work - and I had my first proper lie-in since I decided to do this trek...

It felt absolutely wonderful to drift back to sleep until I felt fully rested, no listening for alarms, or resetting mobiles to make sure I didn't oversleep. I just allowed myself the sheer luxury of freefalling dreams, finally creaking out of bed between ten and eleven.

I know I can't sleep as much as I'd like, time is at such a premium - so much to do, so little time... but I did enjoy indulging myself today. Interestingly, my digestion finally settled, and I didn't get a headache until after college...

Petra emailed me an extract from Allen Ginsberg's website tonight - I had no idea he died of 'complications of hepatitis'.

That's something I am noticing - I'm even more divorced from the 'real world' than usual; my admin has sailed through the ceiling again, so I'm not watching TV news, and I certainly don't have time for a Saturday or Sunday paper any more. You can't really call the radio news bulletins proper 'news' - they're kind of a bare minimum, headline style soundbites... I'm back to relying on people telling me what I need to know, when I need to know it!

Bugger - talking of radio, that's one of my things to do, contact the local radio stations. Not tonight. In fact, I think it's time to log off and grab some grub and collapse into bed.

See what dreams await me tonight - names seem to be favourite right now. Retreats and writers. Though this morning I was back in that labyrinthine house where I'm often living in dreams, just not fully occupying - but for once, there was a woman living the basement; she came to investigate my footsteps on the circular stairs... I wonder what that was about?

Sorry, Martin Amis opinion-sharers - at least I think it's Martin Amis who believes other people's dreams are tedious beyond measure...


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