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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kind of Kerouac

The date for the second fundraising event has been set and I haven't written up the first one yet...
So you can safely surmise there's a bit of a logjam for me to sort out. Doing my best - though it does feel as if it's gone beyond firefighting already! I'll just have to stop being so garrulous... (like the moon should change its cycle...)

Kind of Kerouac is the event, and I thought I'd give uploading the flyer a go this morning. I've found out how to upload images onto posts, but the format of the flyer must be incompatible with blogger settings. Have tried three times now. Oh well... I haven't got time to shoot to the bank before going to Ali's - dodgy tum again this morning, which also means I'd better drive to Great Elm rather than walk which is a great shame as it's a glorious day. Maybe I'll get a walk later.

Kind of Kerouac - music and poetry on the theme of journeys and dreams...
27th March, at Christies in Frome, with Beat poet Robert Palmer (not the one famous for being addicted to love, although I guess this one could be too) and musician/songwriter Steve Loudoun (website www.lepromo.freeserve.co.uk/sl.htm : the site may to be experiencing problems - the link to it can be tricksy).
With Crysse, Peter and me, too. Tickets £6, with glass of wine included (bargain).

Contact Crysse on crysse@cryssemorrison.co.uk and her website is

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