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Monday, March 06, 2006

Comfort Food and Concentration

The sixth day of the third month of the sixth year of the millennium; 06-03-06 - if you're into numerology, today is an auspicious day (not that I know anything about numbers, being practically numbers dyslexic - or should that be number-phobic?)

Yesterday's walk leaves me very tired. Mind you, jumping the stream and finding myself ankle-deep in sludge, and then continuing over the fields with half a ton of mud attached to my trainers isn't the easiest of Sunday strolls... I have a stubborn streak a mile wide right up the middle of my psyche. Probably just as well, really. Where I found the energy to go to supper at Pippa's, I don't know...

I do know, actually. I expected a lovely evening, with great company - which, of course, it was. I am finding (selected) social occasions restorative again - at one stage, I much preferred to stay home if I was feeling jaded, which is not always a healthy way to be... you can end up more and more reclusive and isolated.

But this morning, I struggle to get out of bed, even after a reiki self-healing, and have real problems getting my act together for work. Another bout of the squits - maybe the result of all that delicious chocolate dessert the previous night? - which makes me later than ever, but at least excuses me from walking before I leave Frome... Good lord - this is the first morning I've been grateful for an excuse not to walk, rather than frustrated with time restrictions! I must be low on resources...

Driving to Bristol, I'm almost falling asleep at the wheel. Which is always slightly worrying.

It's March. The trek is October. I have eight months to work up to this gently. It'll be fine.

Although I'm not exactly bursting full of the joys of spring, after an ear acupuncture I do get some more focussed work done. (liver and lung points very painful - figures...)

I also trough two-thirds of the choccy biccies Maya left for me - not so good. If my digestion is sugar overdosed, I won't be helping myself by compounding the situation...

But there are actually two ways of looking at this.

One is that my body is really struggling with everything I'm inflicting on it.

The other is that people are falling like flies with various viruses and stomach upsets, but my immune system is keeping me going extremely well under the circumstances.

Guess which I'll opt for?

I'm even home slightly early, so that I arrive early at Annabelle's for the second organisational evening - this time with Crysse joining us.

The sharing of food, the 'breaking of bread' together is an interesting one. When I eat alone, I always read. I always had a book under the table as a child... Eating with others can give me terrible indigestion - until I'm relaxed enough in their company to be able to take as long as I need (I'm always last to finish, I'm the slowest eater I know - probably the reading habit!).

I can relax here; relax and enjoy the nurturing... and the spoiling - pressies for an (almost) birthday girl! On top of all the emotional and practical suport I'm being showered with - when you're lucky enough to live life in such generous abundance, being 'rich' in more material terms pales into insignificance.

Between them, Crysse and Annabelle launch into sparking the next round of ideas, listing possible dates for the next events, volunteering for various tasks. Their energy is infectious; it all feels perfectly do-able...

I come away with a manageable list of things to do, and a date for our next meeting.

Tomorrow is my birth day. Tuesday. I was born on a Tuesday. So tomorrow will be an auspicious day, too.

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