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Sunday, February 18, 2007

strange and personal inspirations

'Look thy last on all things lovely,
Every hour. Let no night
Seal thy sense in deathly slumber
Till to delight
Thou have paid thy utmost blessing...'
from 'Farewell', Walter de la Mare

A visit to the North Devon coast to check out a potential venue for our volunteers' training weekend was real soul sustenance...

I had to clamber up a sand dune to get this pic. (Where has my physical strength gone? And so lucky the Himalayas aren't as sandy as this - it's bloody hard work walking in soft, thick sand!)

Yesterday, I polished my walking boots - which I've been meaning to do since I got back from Nepal, but they got muddy on my last long walk round Longleat (pre tx).

But now they're ready for the off again!
And so is my work space. I wish I could keep my desk as clear as this...

I've still made a massive improvement on both desks and my bookcase (though I won't post pix of those as well, there is a limit to self-indulgence, even on a blog!)

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