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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Re-stocking the well

In addition to the wonderful visual stimulus of recent weeks (plus the auditory and neurochemical stimulus which I’ve written less about!), there has been more ‘re-stocking of the well,’ as Julia Cameron might put it. I'm reading - which often feels like addictive escapism (and like TV, often is!) but is also an essential to continue polishing the wordsmith's craft.
Even (quality) TV can help nourish process - 'Prison Break', for example, has such an intricately crafted narrative (as well as Wentworth Miller's intricately crafted tat to ogle! as I write, the repeat due any minute…) that you can't fail to admire the writer's skill and inspiration, and wish to produce something a fraction as good... I'm getting a fantasy buzz with the wacky slapstick 'Bonkers' and the time travelling 'Life on Mars' (which I missed first time round - but remember scriptwriter Matthew saying that at the end of the first series, they still hadn't decided where they were going to go with the explanation, a faith in organic process which I loved).

And of course, there's poetry... Karen gave me a poetry calendar for Christmas, so it was inevitable I'd make this the year that I tried to read daily poems.
And, so far, I have.
Haiku and free verse, sonnets and (probably sestinas, if I could remember what they are - which blogger's 'ABC' function is oblivious of, so I feel a little less thick!), quotes about the absolute necessity for poetry in a poet's life, experimental forms, classics and contemporaries, new names and interesting biographical details.
I've missed the day's poetry quota (from the calendar and 'Poem for the Day' volumes I & II) for a variety of reasons, but I've made sure I've 'caught up' as soon as I can.
Personal poetry links have been stacking up; Crysse’s blog with treasures - an update on the Frome Poetry Café (which of course I missed, having driven from Bristol to London that day), her chosen quotes and a link to Howard’s posting of ‘onamatopoeia’ on YouTube – check it out! It’s one of their live and Lippy multi-media collaborations.
Hell has signposted me to other poets, Sam at the Trust forwarded the article on MacNeice from the Inde to me…
Tracking this process against what else has been happening for me in my life is illuminating.
I feel as if I'm beginning to connect more fully to the healing process alongside the commitment of working through treatment.
And I'm very thankful for the support I'm being given along the way.

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