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Saturday, February 03, 2007

an interlude of February sun

A bit of brilliant sunshine works wonders to lift the spirits... I snapped Trinity Church on my way to Carla for my shiatsu on Friday - it looked so striking in the morning sun... as did the lane down the hill to her house.
The rest last week - which felt interminable at the time, as if that would be how I'd feel for the duration of treatment - has made such a difference to how I've been this week. I feel miles better - nearly normal at times! - and have been able to do shedloads more... (Umm, yes, I really do have to watch that impulse...)
On the other hand, this week has provided several sunkissed highlights, and a real sense of spring... though of course, that's a sign that all's not so well with our world either - it's still only February!
But I'm not going to add anxiety about global warming to the queue of negative stresses. Time enough for worrying about that when I'm through treatment! I do what I can to minimise my personal impact - and anyway, it would be wicked not to enjoy the sunshine, as it's here...

I had a look at my Rebetol leaflet this morning, and was quite startled to find that the dose I've been on since before Christmas is that usually recommended for children and adolescents who weigh between 47 and 49kg... (I weigh about 65kg).
Gave me much more of a wake-up call than comparing the dose amounts (down to 600mg from my starting point of 1,000mg).
I need to oomph the self-care!
Lovely sunset this afternoon...

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