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Saturday, November 18, 2006

if you thought I wasn't there... & errata!

Showing a couple of people the blog, I noticed the Kathmandu arrival pic I posted earlier on my blog is the one I'm not in (dozy mare moment) so thought I ought to remedy that.
And I also noticed I quote 20,000 feet as our highest point somewhere - I think that should be 12,000-ish!
The original itinerary says 3,050m, the map contour reckons 3,500m. So take your pick... It's definitely not 20,000 feet!

(posted this earlier - managing to squeeze in two typos... on a post headed by 'errata'... hmm.)
I've been tinkering with my slideshow - listing events etc. - which has been absorbing, and has moved the preparation for it on a bit, but I'm still not much past that first half-day...

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