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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

continuing real (and fantasy) life interludes

In my blog, I'm here, now, in the UK - and about to wake up at Taksar, the first camp, ready for the first full day's trekking...
In the writing, I get to re-live it, so to those of you checking my blog for updates on the trek, I apologise for prolonging your anticipation but I hope you don't mind humouring me on this!
(a big thank you to everyone who has given me such kind feedback on the blog).

and to integrate the me still in Nepal and the me back at work, here's a couple of pix, one from those Howard took for Crysse yesterday during filming Things that are weird for the poetry and visuals DVD - with water in the Pinot Grigiot bottle! - and one shot this morning for work's website. (I'm impressed, Sarah!)

I might have been too tired to write anything new tonight (two late very nights in a row), but I did type 800 words from the (latest) draft of the novel.

I wonder if I take the same approach to racking up word totals in my blog as I did for training if I can propel myself through a complete first draft?

I've never got beyond 20,000 words before that particular draft has withered away... (see, I'm a crap mother - can't even nurture my novel babies!)
I've been writing 'Get fitter' in my aims book since 1991 - but never managed a sustained effort until the trek...
Transferrable skills?

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