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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Perception is everything - target on track!

If we break down the fundraising to March - September, that works out at £500 a month.
(as I only signed up around the end Feb, all that 'do I, don't I, will people support me to make this possible, am I completely crazy to even think of doing it?' during the end of Jan/beg Feb is largely irrelevant as 'decision time').
So, March to September it is. At £500 each month - 500 x 7 = 3,500

Which means we start April £213 up on our target (and there's £45 so far on a sponsor sheet at Lyn's, bless her heart, which we won't add in until the sheet is complete).

Perception is everything.
(a quote from one of the workshop facilitators at the Mainliners Conference - he's so right...)
Ruth's advice was 'do what you normally do, and incorporate the fundraising into that.' A tricky one - what do I usually do apart from write? (and these days, precious little of that - writing needs time so if there isn't any... It can't happen. I try to just take notes, things I can copy up or develop later - but as that begins to pile up, it just becomes distressing because I feel the lack of time even more acutely.
And really, what use is writing? If it hasn't generated an income for me by now... it's hardly likely to be a means of generating funds for the Trust and Nepal...
I'll tell you what use writing is; it has the potential to save lives, and to enrich them beyond measure. You can't put a price on that. I'm not saying that my writing has saved other people's lives, or enriched them - I may be a bit dramatic, but I'm not that grandiose (although people have been known to enjoy some of my readings). Writing has saved my life, enriched it, and been a tool for positive change...
And I think this blog is an extension of that.
Perception is everything.
And what it might do is keep up interest and the creative energy to keep things bowling along...
If I just follow what I'm compelled to do, somehow the universe will provide what is needed, as Goethe said - it's not for me to predict outcome, it's my task just to do the work...

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