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Thursday, April 13, 2006

One step forward, seventeen back

All right, maybe not quite that bad. But that's how it feels.
I walked yesterday, the first decent walk since the 3rd April (and that was only 3/4 of an hour). Crysse and I managed a very short walk on Sunday (9th). So I've had nearly ten whole days of no time for a decent 'training' walk.

When I left work yesterday, I knew that by the time I got home, I'd probably be too hungry and tired to walk. So I took a wee detour to find Chew Valley Lake, parked up in the picnic area, and took a stroll along the Grebe Trail and then the Bitterne Trail - neither circle the lake, unfortunately. So I thought I'd try the other direction. It was a lovely blue-misted evening - a chill breeze blowing from the lake; good walking weather. Birdsong and wind in the trees muted the faint traffic noise from the road.

In the end, I wasn't so disappointed that I couldn't go all the way round the lake - by the time I got back to the car, I was knackered.

And by the time I got home, I managed an hour or so telly-gazing before I was zonked on the sofa - for the second time this week.

And I went back to bed this morning after I'd dropped Ath at work. (sleeping in on Tuesday obviously didn't catch me up completely with my sleep quota).

So much I wanted to do today. The idea was - an extra day off work to 'get things straight' as well as have the shiatsu treatment I'd had to reschedule on Tuesday because I was running so late.

There's a pile of admin to get through, 50 or so emails to respond to, I'm overdrawn again and need to transfer funds asap... there's piles more washing, I need to hoover - and as for the kitchen and bathroom floors... I don't want to think about the work I left to be sorted out back at the office on my return... I've got a couple of workshops to prepare for the WEA - I need to find out if the book club is going to run, and get my reading done if yes (Jane was on Grand Designs last night - mum rang to let me know, she'd remembered I said Jane was going to be on, how did she remember that? or is it just me that can't remember anything I don't write down...)

I've managed to wash up, get just one load of washing done, go to Carla for my (first ever) shiatsu (wonderful!) and sleep. I've fallen asleep three or four times since I got home this afternoon.

It feels like a shameful waste of a day - very like I used to feel when I snoozed my study days away.

I need to be much more self-nurturing when I'm timetabling work. No more training people on two days in a row - nor the marathon spread I've just had; two training days, a conference, a day's training, then a workshop, and another day's training. My external supervisor raised her eyebrows and commented 'that is full-on' when I told her...

But I did it. Even when there's a sense of thrashing yourself to the limit - maybe because of that? - there's a huge sense of achievement when you do get to the other side...

And Crysse and I are filming for the DVD tomorrow.

I need to draw up a proper trek training schedule, too. Stretching and walking - every day, even if it's only 15 minutes. Five minutes would be better than none... (I did swim twice at the conference - but I also drank gallons of coffee and (to my shame) smoked half a small packet of tobacco...)

I'd like to write about the conference, but now is not the time. Believe it or not, I'm tired and need to sleep (again!). So, more for another time.

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