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Friday, April 28, 2006

notebook jottings..

19th Jan 06:

…something in the atmosphere, something of the rarified air of Nepal perhaps,
leaching from the slides of gargantuan mountain ridges, clear, pure skies… that called out ‘yes, yes, YES!’

…why do I want to do it?

Because I may never have another experience like it.

Because I need to know if I can.

14th April 06:

Orbiting the closeness of couples often intensifies loneliness when solitude is regained – at other times there’s a deliciousness about indulgence…

16th April 06

isn’t the breathcloud of a horse the most fragrant exhaled air in the world?

17th April 06

Under the yew tree
the ground is Easter damp
putting steam engines
vie with reverberating generators
bass lines to the dissonances of children
shrieking Bank Holiday wildness
conversations weave around the gravestones
and avenue of solemn box yews
linking church to lychgate

the outer perimeter
a snaking collage
of car boot stalls and classy traders
sculpted mirrors reflecting
the bronzed warmth of amber
next to tatty paperbacks
and tarnished silverware

the bells in the church tower
add melodious markers to the sliding afternoon


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