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Friday, October 19, 2007

rolling away inertia

My first (and last) Frome writers session last night... A high standard of writing - and great to have feedback on the (current) beginning of the novel, part of my attempt to reconnect to my fictional world. It fired the curiosity of the group, so that (should) get rid of the fear that this incarnation is another exercise in self-indulgent tosh. It might still be self-indulgent tosh - but at least it's interesting enough to engage six writers... and the other snippet made them laugh; slightly pretentious ('show-off-y' Rosie's word) it might be, but with enough humour in, maybe I can carry it off...
every goodbye should have a new beginning, so Crysse and I were today trying to think of ways I can continue to be part of the group - at a distance.

Fantastic to catch-up properly with Crysse - at LAST!!!! A bit of a blow-out seems to have broken my inertia; this morning I began sorting out stuff for the tip, and the books I'll be passing on, before meeting Crysse to sort our live n' lippy set for madaboutwords. Some interesting writing; on not writing... (after the flippant 'I killed too many brain cells with too much wine last night' - actually, it may have been flippant, but it's also true, if only for today!)

What better way to alleviate the excesses of the night before than with walking and poetry... in the process keeping that scary inertia at bay!

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