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Saturday, July 15, 2006


... then someone has put mine in a boil wash.


Four weeks since my last post.

this is the view from the hostel Sam & Sally hired to hold their wedding party... see (much) later below - no way to position these pics that I can find...

A whistlestop tour, then, of the last month:

the Griffin quiz was great fun, & raised about £40 or £50 quid (the actual amount will be on Peter's spreadsheet)
I took the advice of the debt line, and wrote to all my creditors (with a slightly different outcome than anticipated - I'm now paying late payments in addition to the amounts I already owed, but we won't go there for now).
I'm delivering the Frome Times once a fortnight - might as well get a tenner while I do a bit of training...
I had a date, which was an interesting experience (but I'm not going there for now, either).
Mike lent me a digital camera, which I've been practising with.
Rod lent me some equipment for the trek - it's beginning to feel more real, now - horribly so, at times!
(Work, of course, goes on apace during all this).
I went to Sam's film screening at the Cube in Bristol - fantastic! He's SO talented... (well, would a son of Crysse's be anything else?)
I climbed Golden Cap (hope to come back to THAT one, too with pix).
My last class in Swindon was swiftly followed by the Retro Cafe Poetry gig in Bath (we raised £82 -THANKS, BRENDAN!) and on to Sally & Sam's wedding in Totnes - which would be great to get back to at some point, it was the most BEAUTIFUL setting... (see pic above).
Back to Bath from Totnes, met up with Karen and Mike, drove to Cumbria with them (sharing space with my baggage & theirs - the boot was given over to the new fairing for the Triumph Cosworth Daytona).
A few days with them in Maryport was just what I needed. OK, I smoked more than I have for a while, but to be away from all demands was just WONDERFUL. Especially as we had fabulous weather, so I walked along the Solway Firth nearly to Allonby - 'toughening my feet' (!) in the sea... (otherwise known as paddling...)
And on to Blencathra (which I WILL come back to...)
Home to a week's worth of washing-up and laundry - not to mention being short on the rent... (though number one son DID wash up on Monday, and made up his shortfall on pay day). Back to work, and it felt as if everything started to go horribly pear-shaped there, too... I think I was probably more exhausted than I realised from Skiddaw. It got better later in the week - at least, my positivity came back!
So, at least I'm kind of caught up...

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