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Monday, July 24, 2006


This one was a challenge.
I was pretty knackered.
It was HOT.
I was still standing by the end! (well, once I'd got up from the canal bank after a welcome respite in the shade...)
and this one I just couldn't have done without Crysse's and Peter's support (a bit like turning back to look at our descent path on Skiddaw - left to my own devices, I'd have wimped out of this).

We started on the Cotswold Way, and up Kelston Round Hill, over to Bath Racecourse, and on to Solsbury Hill. Down by the toll bridge, along the canal, up the ancient railway built to transport Ralph Allen's Bath stone from the quarry to the canal (that one held memories of some of the Skiddaw trek!), then back down into Bath, as we were running very short on time (and energy - even after a leisurely picnic on Solsbury Hill).

I need to do this one again, when I feel more lively. Even the views didn't boost my system much beyond grim determination - but the sense of achievement after DOING it was worth every gruelling step!!! So thank you, Crysse and Peter - it was a grand day, even if I wasn't exactly at my scintillating best (always I assuming I manage scintillating at my best...)

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