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Saturday, December 08, 2007

potential indefinite intermission

I rather like the unexpected strangeness of these two images together... linking two very different hikes on Bredon Hill.

Internet use at work takes intricate organisation, so I had decided to flag up an indefinite intermission. However, Crysse showed me how to begin and save posts to publish once they're crafted, so that could help solve the problem... as well as being reminded how to edit existing posts - I thought they couldn't be changed after a certain number of days...
Just getting the photos above posted was a saga and a half - we downloaded from my camera onto Crysse's computer and she emailed them to me... (blogger was having a funny five minutes, so I couldn't get logged on from her computer).

On the plus side... well, I wrote in my notebook:

Every day on my way to work my heart takes flight... and every night on my return, I'm equally enchanted by the night landscape.
I'm 'exploring in the margins' - in the margins of the working week, in the margins of the routes between home(s) and work, in the margins of solitude around working and mainly living in Kit's space...
this period of adjustment feels as if I'm a constantly shaken kaliedescope.

I live in Worcester and work in Gloucestershire (a little unnerving to see so much rain raising water levels again last week... being constantly 'between homes' means I'm well prepared for floods, with extra warm clothes etc. in my car at all times - and my riding boots have taken up residence there, too).
my own lovely (large!) haven is close by Bredon Hill... on the outskirts of a tiny village with no shops (but three pubs; hmmm! - which I can't take full advantage of; treatment hasn't cleared the virus).
I was in shock for several hours after that news, but there is so much magic in my life at the moment that I don't feel too down-in-the-mouth about such sore disappointment. Earlier the same day, I had news that a friend had died suddenly the night before; at the time, as well as a terrible shock, it felt like an ominous omen.
An omen perhaps, but also a reminder that worse things happen than a tough old virus refusing to let go of its haven in my bloodstream. David's life's work on mythologies across the globe is now forever incomplete after over twenty years work, and we will never hear his melodious voice relating his lovely stories in clipped, precise words from an incredibly neat typescript... except in our hearts and memories.
Like the stubborn virus that lurks in my bloodstream, I'm tough. Tougher than I ever believed... and it took finding out I had this surreptitious organism undermining my health to delve into the inner resources that have resculpted my inner and outer landscapes.
Maybe hello to an old friend is more appropriate than formulating new battle plans...

Last, but by no means least, live n' lippy have another outing on Sunday, part of the media arts showcase organised by Howard.
A bit tricky to rehearse without access to the dvd... but it should be fun all the same.

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