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Sunday, December 23, 2007

festivity avoidance

This may be my last posting of the year... and given that the weeks since I moved have had very scanty coverage, then a kind of year round-up is really not going to happen... A swift
precis of the last few weeks is the most I can manage!

My new living space is gorgeous. A fantastic creative space....
Through the gap between buildings, you can see the Malverns from my spare room (below left).
My second foray to the top of Bredon Hill was accidentally extended to include sunset (above right) - a treat which meant reorienting to find the way down relied heavily on my sense of direction (not always a good move, but aside from a bit of stumbling about in the dark, on this occasion proved uneventful).
Crysse came to stay and sample my hospitality - subsidised by the pub down the road (the food is excellent; lets me off the hook from catering - a bonus as I don't have a fridge yet, with only the very basics in my kitchen!) Shopping in Evesham, ostensibly for suitable thermal clothing for our New York trip, provided this cool jacket (above left) on time for our live n' lippy performance as part of Howard's 'resonate' evening.
Life is full of upheavals and reversals as life spirals around... I wrote a piece for Anita Mason's Frome Hundred anthology called 'Aversion to Sunrise'; it feels as though that is undergoing a reversal... Winter sunrises do help greatly - in that they don't happen that early in the morning... above right is the morning vista from Crysse's conservatory-cum-spare room, a view of Frome which was an unexpected delight when I stayed with her a couple of weeks ago.
The digital camera can't quite do justice to the subtleties of either a sunrise or a sunset, but maybe this shot taken as I pulled out of the Byre and headed down the lane to drive to work gives a flavour; such spectacular glory it inspired me to haul my carcass out of bed at 6.30 on a Saturday to go chase the sunrise from Bredon Hill...
Extensive cloud cover muted most of the effect... Except the sustenance for the soul. Tramping around in solitary splendour, I startled a herd of fifteen deer, the largest gathering I've seen anywhere other than Rum. I met a runner from Eckington who comes up every Saturday; maybe we'll meet again.
Definitely a day of celebration and thanks for the joy in my life.
Today, the trekking theme continued; not such an early start, but a similar distance. Up through woods on the ridge between Weston and Sand Bay and along the promontory. Such a gift to spend so much of a December weekend out of doors; funny the changes hep C has wrought in my life...
The mist wreathing mutated and gyrated over sea and horizon, offering sometimes clear vistas and sometimes the murk of nothingness as if we stepped on the edge of the world...

The theme of stepping through gateways to alternative realities continued; passing through a doorway at Woodspring Priory we passed from the bare (if impressive) fan vaulting into the elegant festive splendour of the reading room.
If this is an alternative Christmas, give me more!

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