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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

circles and spirals

with the Bristol (and wider) poetry circuit - Rosemary Dun's Big Mouth Cabaret last night with Crysse. Great line-up, Elvis McGonagle on devilishly good form - but hey, read about the gig on Crysse's blog (http://crysse.blogspot.com/), her coverage is far more erudite than mine would be! But before you read about them, see what the live n' lippy's alphabetti dvd clip looks like on Youtube (cheers, Howard, you've done a grand job on the recording and visuals!)
(so that covers reconnections with artistic collaborators).

with frustration at just being at work following cancellation of my training day (redeeming highlights; dawn walk with Joe beforehand, lunch with Ro during, afterwards supper with Sam and Crysse, writing and laughter at the Harbourside ... so the highlights involve reconnections).

Drafted my resignation today.

Another leap of faith anticipated - that conjures images of 'fosterdog' bouncing through the knee-high clover fields, canine joy incarnate...
A good image.
Much I will be sad to leave, though - those clover fields, for a start.
Mayblossom outside my window in the Spring.

Frome will remain a heart-home, it won't be a total severance - there are friends in all my heart-homes, and blood ties to keep a connection alive... writing, music and images make connections to my memories, the pearls strung on life's narrative.

So from disconnection we're back at reconnection...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hazel Petra here. Where are you going to my lovely. Have you got a job lined up or will you write full time?

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