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Sunday, February 10, 2008

continued frustrations

A couple of weekends ago, I had access to a computer for a couple of hours - but the mouse developed major behavioural problems I couldn't circumvent... At least I managed to get this draft post begun with some images, although I've lost all the immediacy that the process of snapping and blogging is intended to capture.

At home (unusually) for the weekend - after the rain that waterlogged fields and gardens and the snow that hit Winchcombe and the Malverns - I went for a stroll locally. Somehow, it became a three-hour hike - maybe I'm becoming slightly compulsive about this walking thing... There were lots of cracking photo opportunities, though.

On the Sunday, we "picnicked" in the Malverns (OK, it was more of a fuel stop in a sheltered gully - see below).

The following weekend, it was on to the coast and the Seaton-Lyme stretch - in the opposite direction from my usual. Which meant we caught the sunset from the Cobb (above); a glorious end to a fantastic walk and a beautiful day walking. Positively summery - until the sun went down, and then I was glad of my thermals!

Pix of Weston seafront & the marathon challenge in the Black Mountains to come (one day...) To finish this post, a last pic; pretty in pink - although photographing people isn't really my thing, some pix are irresisible. Besides which, Wilf asked me to post this one up!

News of the Dreamweavers project still to come...

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