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Sunday, August 05, 2007

five go mad in Dorset

The five happy campers this year - myself, and left to right, Carlo, Isla, Carole and Steve. Rather a bumpy start to this year's break - no Ath and crew. Ath couldn't get time off work. Rats.

Still, for the sixth summer running, the weather smiled indulgently on us... the Simpson skies above featured most days - or wispy tendrils hazing the horizon.

Only one day of grey clouds, very full clouds which chucked water at us - for all of half a day!

Isla shared (some of) the chores. Although Carole and I took the boat down most of the way to the beach...

You wouldn't think you could run up this slope... Well, I couldn't.
Atholl did, one year.
But this shot was probably the only moping I had time for...
And, with a long list of chores to tackle, work to get to in the morning - this is all I have time for.

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