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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm trying to catch my tail here... 31st of May already, and this event was on the 20th!

ANOTHER £300 added to the total!

Jill and John Miller hosted a cracking fundraiser supper - it was a lovely gathering, and we all had a great evening; there was stacks of delicious food, plenty wine (for a donation) and entertaining conversation with a variety of lively guests. The evening began very auspiciously when it turned out that the woman who'd contacted me because she saw the Kerouac piece in her local paper knew Jill from years back, when Jill led a women's group that Claire was part of... a lovely piece of synchronicity for us.
Claire lost her husband to hep C a couple of years ago, and she's so thrilled that awareness-raising is happening at last, and campaigning for services and treatment is becoming more evident.
It was indeed a nurturing evening of lovely energy, and I was profoundly touched by the effort both Jill and John had made to make it all possible - I have to say, skills that are beyond my organisational capacities and catering expertise. Which makes them all the more precious.


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